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We, Cityrene builders build smart sustainable homes using Australian technology GFRG(Glass fiber reinforced gypsum).

Our homes are completely self-reliant which generates its own drinking water out of thin air 24x7,powered fully by solar, cooler by 4 degrees, recycling its own grey water and bio-degradable waste.

Features of Cityrene-smart homes:

IOT (Internet on Things) Technology using mobile application

  •        Live monitoring of water, power and data usage.
  •        Temperature difference check.
  •        Hassle-free renting out home.
  •        Live updates of latest technology and news.
  •        Live CCTV video.
  •        Home database management.

Passive cooling technology:

  •       Venting out the hot air.
  •       Heat deflective paints, windows and tiles.
  •       Trees and greenery for natural cooling.
  •       Solar covered streets to prevent sun’s radiation.
Certificates and approvals for GFRG 

US Green Building Council (USGBC)

Approved by USGBC as building material.

Ministry Of Housing Development Government Of India

Ministry Of Housing Development Government Of India

Has tested and identified this as the apt technology for large scale and mass housing.


Building Materials And Technology Promotion Council

Approved by Building Material and Technology Promotion Council under ministry of housing

IITM GFRG construction

Indian Institute Of Technology

Extensively tested and adapted by Indian Institute of Technology Chennai for all constructions parameters


Cityrene - Facts about GFRG

These are some of the interesting facts about GFRG which makes it amazing to use. GFRG construction requires no river sand, hence no delays or over budgeting.


facts about us

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum(GFRG) is an Australian technolgy which is being used since 1990's

Let us impress you with some numbers

Degrees Fireproof

Tonnes of Cement Saved

Cft. of Sand Saved

Kg of Compressive strength

Core features of GFRG

Water resistant

As it repels water, there will be no water seepage through walls or from ceilings.

Fire proof

GFRG can withstand upto 1000 degrees for 4 hours.

Earthquake resistant

GFRG material can be used even in seismic zone V

Natural cooling effect

GFRG is a heat deflective material which will keep the house naturally cooler upto 4 degrees.


GFRG is an eco-friendly material as it saves tones of  CO2 emission


GFRG can save upto 20% in construction cost.

Greater life

GFRG buildings can last upto 80 years, whereas a normal building will last upto 50 years


GFRG walls are 5X stronger than brick walls.

Rapid Construction

GFRG houses can be built within 60 days

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