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"Homes untethered"

Who We Are

In the mid of 2016, Cityrene was incubated by the Founder institute, a well renowned global incubator of startups. The transformation began there, at every point the idea was pivoted and refined. A well-established group of mentors, most of them are Founders and CEO's began to test the financial model, market size and viability of the company. And within a short span of time, the company Cityrene was not just an idea it was incorporated as a private limited company with the senior board of directors and a well-experienced team of advisors.

The world has evolved into a global village where pollution, disasters and diseases have spread to a great extent. Cement industry alone contributes 5% of global carbon dioxide. In this type of chaos, it is very important to preserve the earth and go eco-friendly. 

            “Building above and beyond dreams”