facts about gfrg | gfrg construction techniques

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1: What is GFRG construction ?

          Construction of homes using Glass Fiber Reinforcement Gypsum panels.

2: What is GFRG Panel made of?

          It’s a mixture of gypsum and glass fiber put together 

3: Is it an approved building construction material?

          Yes it is recognized and approved by BMTPC – Building Material & Technology Promotion Council, India (Approved)

          IITM has dedicated over a decade in R&D and now it has come to the stage of technology transfer.

4: How Strong is GFRG Panel?

  • GFRG panel is world s largest load bearing lightweight panels. The panels are manufactured with size 12 m length, 3m height and 124 mm thickness.   Each panel has 48 modular cavities of 230 mm x 94 mm x 3m dimension. The weight of one panel is 1440 kg or 40 kg/sqm. The density is 1.14g/cm3, being only 10-12% of the weight of comparable concrete /brick masonry.Light weighted Rapid wall has high comprehensive strength, shearing strength, flexural strength and ductility. It has very high level of resistance to fire, heat, water, termites, rot and corrosion. Concrete infill with vertical reinforcement rods enhances its vertical and lateral load capabilities. GFRG buildings reduce burdening of the environment and help to reduce global warming. GFRG use also protect the lives and properties of people as these buildings will be resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclone, fire etc.

5: How fast is the construction?

  •  Less than 35 days for 600 sq ft home

6: What is the wall thickness?

  •  Standard 5 inch

7: What are the disadvantages of GFRG construction?

  •  Need space for crane to operate & can not make curvy walls,however curvy walls can be made by concrete. 
  •  Need trained labours and storage space to store the panels

8: What are the Benefits of GFRG construction?

  •  Eco-Friendly & Safe
  •  All Climate & Weather proof
  •  20% + Overall cost saving
  •  Fire,Sound,Flood proof
  •  Earthquake Resistance
  •  No Air Cracks & Water Patches
  •  Rapid Construction
  •  8% More Carpet Area
  •  Keeps The Building 4 Degrees Cooler
  •  2/3 Labor & Water Saving
  •  Less Usage Of Sand
  •  Build upto 10 Floors +
  •  Very Neat & Modular Finishing
  •  Structural life over 75 years

9: Cost per Sq ft for construction?

           Please send us the floor plan and we will provide you with estimated Quote

10:Can it be constructed over a conventional building?

           Yes,it can be built after analysing the structure 

11: Are there any long term effects or health hazards in a GFRG house?

           No, GFRG houses are completely safe. They do not aggrevate or create any health hazards when exposed to it. GFRG is a GEP (Green Environmental Protection) material has no odor, and its Radioactive Nuclide Limit is accord with A-style decoration material standard of GB6566-2001, which can be used for recycling.