Smart Sustainable Home FAQ's

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1: What is a smart home?

         Homes which are smart by monitoring your live usage of power, water and internet data, thus helping the user to reduce the additional usage.

2: How does a smart home work?

         It works with IOT (internet on things). Monitoring devices will be fit into pipes and meters of your home which will transmit data to your mobile app.

3: What is a sustainable home?

         Homes which recycles its own waste and generating its own energy contributing towards the reduction of pollution and making the world green.  

4: How does a sustainable home work?

  •            Generating its own energy by solar
  •           Generating its own drinking water out of air
  •           Using energy efficient appliances to reduce the power consumption
  •           Recycling the grey-water and bio-degradable waste from kitchen

5: How does a customizable home work?

         Users can customize or modify their house as per their requirements and their dream house will be built that way.

6: What does the user benefit out of all these?

         An average 2BHK home user spends around 15K for power, water and internet data. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to reduce these costs?

7: Does it cost extra?

         No! simply no! we do not sell our homes at extra cost

8: What makes a smart sustainable township?

  • Streets covered by solar panels
  • Self-reliant solar shuttle service available 24X7
  • Cooler environment by the optimal usage of trees and shades

9: What other unique benefits does your township have?

  •            Financing (Hassle free and upto 90% financing)
  •            Renting out your homes
  •            Elder care services
  •           Live CCTV video on your mobile
  •            Passive cooled homes
  •            GSM tracking security