What is the cost of a GFRG panel?

Initially when the panels were introduced to India, the selling cost was around Rs.999/ sqm. During that time it had Value Added Tax exemption so it was a tax free product. Later when GST was introduced that tax exemption was cancelled and GFRG panels cost was Rs.999 with 12% GST it cost Rs.1120/- per sq.m. The price was hiked on December 2018 again, currently the panels are being sold for Rs.1199+ 12% GST at Rs.1343/sqm. These panels are manufactured in FRBL factory Cochin, Kerala.

GFRG construction unlike normal construction requires skilled labours for construction of houses. We, at Cityrene Builders are specialized in GFRG building construction. We get our structural designs from IIT Madras.

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