Madambakkam Project

Madambakkam Project

This is an individual 3BHK duplex villa built using conventional bricks. Zero water wastage initiative has been taken in this house. There is a special rain water filter fitted in the rain water harvesting system which filters the rain water from the terrace and makes it usable without any additional filtration process. Rain water is stored in two large underground tanks. Majority of the water usage of this house will be supported by the rain water. Waste water from that house will be recycled and used to recharge the borewell. We have taken immense effort in making the design of this house vastu compliant. Some of the steps we have taken to ensure it’s vastu compliant.

    1. Underground sump will not intersect the diagonal line of the plot and also it is placed in the north east corner of the plot.
    2. Septic tank is placed in the north west corner of the plot.

Technologies Used: Green Building 

Location: Madambakkam

  Category: Residential

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