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Welcoming you to the Green oasis township in OMR:

Are you looking for a self-sustainable villa where you and your family can live in harmony with nature? Here’s the villas what you are looking for

When others were churning out buildings after buildings. We, Cityrene builders were rethinking the concept of living. We bring you the eco-friendly Atmosphere, which will be a breath taking, convention-defying and life-changing concepts. A spread of 150-sustainable villas set in over 10 acres of eco-friendly atmosphere. With Cityrene homes you live in self-sustainable, eco-friendly yet luxurious lifestyle, you can live your dream life, naturally.

Project Highlights

A smart township surrounded with green vegetation in the IT corridor of Chennai. Villas ranges from 2 BHK to 4BHK

# Cityrene’s Green oasis township apps(House selling and management)                                   # Solar covered streets

# Passive cooled                                                                                                                                       # Generating own drinking water

# Recycling grey water and bio-degradable waste from every house                                          # Solar powered with battery backup

# Solar powered long lasting appliances                                                                                            # USB port in each bedroom

# Exclusively blended factory fitted wardrobes in all bedrooms                                                   # Thermal proof design

# Smart homes controlled by smartphone                                                                                        # Solar shuttle service

Cityrene’s Green oasis township management app

# Live monitoring of Power and water usage                                                                                    # Book your solar shuttle

# Live CCTV footage                                                                                                                              # Booking of club house

# Augmented reality                                                                                                                              # Maintenance of homes through app

 Cityrene’s Green oasis township house selling app

# Shows the location                                                                                                                            # Shows the transport modes and routes

# Shows the nearby amenities, stores, schools, companies etc.                                                 # 360-degree view of the house 

# Shows the company profile, Achievements etc.                                                                         # Show the plot boundaries using GPS in AR

# 3D model of the house using AR viewed on plot through mobile                                           # Customizable house designing                                            

# Brochure inside the app can be downloaded or shared                                                           # Reservation of the plots

# Vasthu overlay in the AR (Detailed report on vasthu)                                                                # Construction status updates & images

Solar covered streets:

Streets inside our township will be covered with solar panels to produce electricity as well as provide shade and cool breezy environment to the residents. It will also reduce the ambient temperature of the township.

Passive cooled:

“Cooling the houses with zero energy usage”- well-ventilated spaces, greenery, heat deflective roofs, windows, paints along with GFRG panels all together can keep the house cool up to 60C.

 Generating own drinking water:

Generating your own drinking water out of thin air. Water is generated using a process of condensing humidity. Moreover, we adopt effective rainwater harvesting system. 24x7, even during floods, storms and natural calamities you need not worry about water with Cityrene homes.

Recycling grey water and bio-degradable waste from every house:

Bio-degradable waste and grey water from every house are recycled into manure and used for growth of plantation.

Thermal proof design:

GFRG itself is a thermal proof material. We also use head reflective paints and windows.

Solar shuttle service:

We provide solar shuttle at your doorstep to provide more comfort. Sustainability is not only for power and water. The solar shuttle can be the best example for sustainable transport as it is self-reliant and self-powered. When the whole world lets you down we lift you up.


GFRG saves tons of CO2 emission thus making it eco-friendly.


GFRG is 100% non-combustible and totally flame resistant. Not just non-combustible, but also shield the material behind it from the heat and flames for a significant period of time. It has been tested by IIT Madras that they can withstand up to 10000C for 4 hours.

 Earthquake resistant:

Seismic zone V is the zone where earthquake occurs frequently. This GFRG material which we use can be used even in seismic zone V.